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ebay_watchers's Journal

You Watch My Ebay Auctions, I will watch yours.
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This community is for artists of all kinds, selling their work on ebay who want to gain more exposure and possibly get featured on the EBAY PULSE page. Basically Ebay Pulse is a page about what is hot on ebay. What is selling for the most, what item has the most watchers etc. This is a very good tool for exposure and leading people to your auctions...IF one can get on the list. This community is devoted to "watching" each others items(by clicking "WATCH THIS ITEM" in the upper right of any auction page)

You watch my item...I watch yours. Simple. Each member can share an auction that they want other members to watch. In return, they watch that members auction. And hopefully a person will get more exposure for their talent and the art. This is mutually beneficial to all involved. Especially as the community grows.

This community is also a place just to share our art.